Marriage Orientation Seminar (Pre-Cana)


Also accepts couples even if they marry in a different church
Duration: Two Sundays
Time: 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Method: Onsite but there are also online schedules
Contact: 09062712197 (Mobile)
Validity: MOS Pre-Cana must be taken within six months before marriage.

Contact: 09062712197 (ask for Teenie)

Syllabus or Outline of the Seminar

Part I (MOS 1)

I. Why prepare for Marriage
II. Human Dignity
III. Marriage and Spousal Relations
IV. Responsible/Christian Parenthood
V. Fertility Awareness
VI. Natural Family Planning
VII. Threats to Human Life

Part II (MOS 2)

I. Focus on Communication 
  •     Practical exercises on Agree/Disagree
  •     Responding & Listening
  •     Marriage Expectations Inventor
    • Love, Money, In-laws, Children, Religious, Related to Communication, Sex
II.  Marriage Today
  •        Conjugal Love
  •        Conjugal Union
  •        Celebration of Marriage
  •        Communication in Love
  •         Let's be real
III. The Sacrament of Matrimony (by Fr. Randy Flores, SVD)


  • Fr. Randy Flores, SVD (Parish Priest)
  • Roy & Ross Racela
  • Jarr & Christine Robles
  • Rey & Cha Yu
  • Chona Ramirez
  • Tats and Cora Barreiro
  • Toby and MeAnn TaƱedo


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