Weddings Info at the Sacred Heart Parish

Important Contact Info:

In cases of:

  • OFW
  • Mixed Marriage (one party is not Catholic)
Please contact the chancery with this email:  (name: Jovelyn Aquino)

If you've not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation (Kumpil)

  • Please contact Teenie with this mobile number: 09062712197 or email at

Requirements for the Sacrament of Confirmation

  1. Birth Certificate (NSO copy)
  2. Baptismal Certificate with annotation of “for confirmation purposes”
  3. Certificates of “no record of confirmation” on three parishes where they lived.
  4. Catechetical Instruction (the Cathedral also handles this one).

Downloadable Forms

You may download the wedding preparatory forms here:

1. Simple Rite of Wedding (pandemic time only / outdated)

3. Checklist and Wedding Application Forms

4 . Canonical Interview

. Permission To Wed Outside Your Parish

6. Wedding Reservation Card

7. Protocols to be Observed in the Diocese of Cubao (pandemic period only)

PRE-CANA or Marriage Orientation Seminar

  • There are online schedules for MOS or Pre-Cana. Please text this number 09062712197 and ask for Teenie for the schedules.
  • For general information, please click on this link.
  • If you wish to join, click on this FB group and ask to join

Click on Catechism on the Sacrament of Matrimony

Watch Bishop Barron Explain the Sacrament of Matrimony


You may send your donation to the following:
1. Paypal (e-mail:
or click on the button or the button below

2) GCash  mobile number  +639338577906

3) Union Bank
Account Number: 0211-00017585
Address: Tomas Morato Branch, Quezon City
Swift Code: UBPHPHMM

God bless you! May the Blessed Mother keep you away from all harm and evil.


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